Top 10 Reasons to Learn AWS in 2025

Cloud computing is taking the current IT sector to a next level through its new age services. Some of the key functionalities of cloud computing which are increasing its popularity include on-demand computer resources, computing power, data storage, better security, and flexibility of access which a user requires.


Cloud platforms offer enterprises safe access to the servers, databases, and the storage, along with a lot of application services over the internet, without the need of investing in a huge infrastructure. This in turn is significantly raising the demand for this job role in the IT industry. As a segment of IT services, cloud computing separately generated a revenue of $400 billion in 2021, as reported by Statista.


Some of the top players in cloud computing currently include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Of these, AWS is the most preferred platform, also occupying the highest market share at nearly 33%. This is also one key reason why many students look for an AWS training and certification course, to master this skill and fetch better job options.


In this article, we are listing some additional reasons why AWS holds good value in future and why you should master this skill. If you are still suspicious about gaining this certification, continue reading to get better insights.


A Mandatory Skill for Future


  • The present digital world is now mostly dependent on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, which primarily works on cloud services on a bigger scale.
  • Therefore, all IT professionals should adapt to this new environment and start mastering the nuances of cloud computing.
  • AWS is a better choice compared to other cloud platforms as it is more widely used, thus you will have more opportunities in your career.


Rapid Cloud Migration


  • Enterprises are rapidly migrating their servers to the cloud owing to several reasons like affordability, security, infrastructure, etc.
  • The migration is setting up several challenges and roadblocks and is creating a need for professional and customised services.
  • Thus, there’s an increased demand for cloud professionals who can help these enterprises ease their transition from traditional IT infrastructure to internet based cloud servers.
  • IT professionals having in-depth knowledge of the cloud platforms, especially AWS, are a highly valued asset for organisations.


The Oldest and Most Experienced Cloud Platform


  • AWS was launched in 2006, long before other cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform were introduced into the market.
  • Within 1 year of AWS’s launch, there were already around 1,80,000 developers on this platform.
  • AWS has benefited since its inception and is still way ahead of its competitors. It is also one of Amazon’s strongest revenue segments, generating around $45 billion in 2020 net sales [Source: Statista].


Most Widely Used Public Platform


  • AWS captures one-third of the cloud infrastructure market. In the third quarter of 2021, AWS held around 33% market share of the cloud service market, whereas Microsoft Azure had 20% and Google Cloud had 10% market share.
  • AWS is used by organisations of multiple levels including start-ups, small-scale enterprises, as well as big enterprises. It is currently used by multiple big names such as Netflix, IMDB, Airbnb, etc.


Affordable Pricing


  • AWS is an extremely flexible and affordable platform for those who want to gain hands-on experience.
  • It offers a free-tier AWS account, which provides access to some free services that never expire.
  • There are other accounts that are free for a year and offer some premium services like EC2, S3, Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon RDS for trial purposes. 
  • Some of the AWS services have some usage limits, that are more than enough to learn and get acquainted with.


Abundant AWS Learning Resources


  • The AWS certifications have been available since 2013 for everyone who wants to learn AWS. Though the certification is a tough nut to crack, but yes, you eventually can crack it.
  • There are plenty of resources to learn AWS like courses, books, manuals, forums, and practice exams.
  • Also, there are several AWS communities that can help those wanting to learn AWS, before and after certification.


AWS Certification Validates Expertise and Credibility


  • AWS certification helps to build trust among potential employers and clients.
  • AWS certifications are one of the easiest ways to establish expertise and credibility, as it demonstrates that an individual has specialised skills in a specific area.
  • It demonstrates to the employers that the professional has gone through rigorous training and is capable of successfully implementing what is required.


Demand for Cloud Professionals


  • Since enterprises are adopting digital transformation and emerging technologies across various industries, a tremendous increase in the demand for certified cloud professionals has been witnessed in India.
  • Cloud-related roles have taken up 10% of total jobs in November 2021, with 3 lakh active job seekers. However, there has been an emerging talent gap in the industry due to a lack of adequate skills.
  • The demand for cloud-related roles, particularly AWS, has grown over 40% since 2020, with over 6,08,000 cloud professionals across India [Source: Times of India].


AWS Skills Scarcity


  • AWS skills are among the most demanded skills for employers nowadays. This is because the organisations are adopting cloud at a hasty speed, mainly AWS, and are facing severe skill scarcity due to this.
  • About 60% of cloud computing jobs need AWS skills, which themselves are facing a shortage, thus leading to many vacant jobs. Thus, learning AWS can help you in landing a career with a high-paying salary.


Higher Salary


AWS is one of the highest paying IT roles today, both due to value of skill as well as shortage of skilled professionals. Some of the top-paying AWS job roles and their average salary details are listed in this table below.


AWS Job Roles Average Annual Salary
AWS Solution Architect ₹10,00,000
AWS DevOps Engineer ₹7,71,094
AWS Developer  ₹9,97,000 
AWS Cloud Engineer ₹6,00,000
AWS SysOps Admin ₹10,00,000


Cloud Computing has not only benefited the businesses but has also been favourable for many individuals. It has led to a huge opportunity for IT professionals and freshers in the cloud market. Since the supply of cloud skills is low as compared to demand, it won’t be tough to land a career in the cloud computing industry. Therefore one should focus on learning AWS and becoming a certified professional. The skill is in high demand and will launch a lucrative career for you.

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