Grammar Tips for Essay Writing That Will Advance Your English Skills

Grammar Tips for Essay Writing That Will Advance Your English Skills:-

When students write their essays, they often get low grades because of poor grammar. And the mistakes they make are usually related to the lack of basic knowledge. It does not mean that you are bad at grammar. What we want to say is that some mistakes are done subconsciously. And it will be helpful to refresh some aspects you should pay attention to.

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Mind Your Punctuation

It is not enough to write a perfectly structured sentence. Everything can be ruined with poor punctuation. Using proper punctuation is one of the essential things you should not neglect. Keep it in mind, that you always have to aim to make your sentences clear and concise. With this approach, your punctuation should be appropriate as well. Here is a couple of tips that will help you:

  • If you can divide a long sentence into shorter ones, do that instead of splitting them with commas.
  • Try to avoid using exclamation and question signs in academic essays. Although, you can use a few question signs. But exclamations do not usually fit the style and tone of an academic paper.
  • Try to use dashes less. It does not mean that you should remove them from the text at all. But it is better to limit their usage.
  • Do not forget about colons and semicolons. They can be your helpers to organize the structure of your sentences smartly.

Do Not Use Contractions

One of the most important tips for academic writing is avoiding contractions. You should not choose cannot over can’t, do not over don’t, will not over won’t, I am over I’m, and so on. These are all examples of contractions, and you want to avoid these in your essays.

But we know that you still want to keep your word count down. In your essays, you are restricted but you want to show off as much as you can. That is why we have got several tips for reducing the word count coming up. So make sure that you do not feel tempted to include contractions in your academic writing.

Reduce Your Word Count

Use as few words as possible. It may seem contradictory because we have told you not to use contractions. But we have got some good mini tips to help you keep your word count down and your English level up.

The first one is to avoid these dead weight words like “very”, “so”, “a lot”, “really”. If you want to show off your English, avoid them as they are pointless. They are empty calories in English. Replace them with strong words. So instead of saying “really happy,” you would say, “elated”. By using strong words and avoiding these boring words, you can reduce your word count by a fair bit.

Now, another way to reduce your word count is avoiding “there is” and “there are”. You want everything to be as clear as possible, and sometimes “there is” and “there are” can act as fillers. They add extra words to your sentences. Avoiding them will reduce your word count, and increase the quality and the clarity of your writing. So, make sure you apply this in your next essay.

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