How to Write a Great Personal Statement for Law School

When students graduate from their schools, they commonly intend to continue their studies. They want to acquire high education certificates because they provide more guarantees and possibilities for a successful career. Thus, many youngsters are targeted at law schools. High grades are crucial for any admission committee. However, a personal statement likewise plays a vital role if you want to be accepted to a law school.

One may see multiple online requests that sound like this – Who can write my personal statement for me? Many youngsters know that personal statement writing services, e.g. SmartWritingService, prepare excellent application papers for students. This is a very responsible paper and affects the chances to get into the law school you’ve chosen. Accordingly, professional personal statement writing assistance is a reasonable measure. However, you have all the chances to write a great personal statement for law school using our informative guide. We’ll explain how to reach success.

Gather Information

First of all, you should gather all the possible facts about your future task. Read as many examples of personal statements as possible. Perhaps some tutoring help will be required.

Secondly, gather facts about the law school you’ve chosen. Try to find out what it expects from its students and decide how to meet those standards. Perhaps you know people who study there. If it’s so, ask them for a piece of advice to succeed.

Brainstorm Your Personal Statement

Think about the things you’re supposed to mention in our personal statement for law school. You cannot simply copy the works of other students. Your paper is supposed to make you stand out from the crowd. You should obligatorily write the following points:

  • Why you’ve chosen this law school;
  • Why you think you’re a worthy candidate;
  • How will you contribute to the prestige of the school;
  • What your greatest strengths are;
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?

After you clarify these points, create an outline. It includes the beginning, the main writing part, and the defining chapter. The main writing part should clearly reveal all the points out of the list given above.

Write Several Drafts

Before you write the final version, you’d better write several drafts. Thus, you’ll have the possibility to reconsider the initial drafts and improve your personal statement. Let’s check the things you should mention in the text and how to do that correctly.

  • Introduction. The introductory part provides general facts about your persona. These are your name, your intentions concerning a law school, and career expectations. Write a short story or an anecdote. Of course, you can add and change these points. However, you must introduce yourself to the admission committee.
  • Thesis statement. The main message of your personal statement is a thesis statement. It’s given at the end of the introduction to clearly explain the purpose of your paper. Make it narrative and captivating.
  • Main body. The major objective of your body is to explain the admission committee why you’ve decided to become a lawyer. It’s a direct continuation of the thesis statement. You may mention when you think of yourself as a lawyer for the first. Explain why you’ve picked this path. Your story must be realistic and contain true facts. Obligatorily connect your desire with your academic achievements. It’s important to show that you’re a talented student. Convince the committee that you can be a great contributor to the development of the law school you’ve preferred.
  • Conclusion. The last part mustn’t summarize the main body because it’s not academic papers you used to write at school. You’re supposed to express hopes that you’ll be accepted. Obligatorily thank the members of the admission committee because they are very busy and have to write thousands of other personal statements.

Don’t Submit Before Your Revise It

Many students make one big mistake. They submit their papers without rereading them. Don’t repeat that common mistake and obligatorily revise it at least twice or thrice. This can be done in several ways. You can read in your head and aloud. Besides, read backward (from the last line to the first one). This method takes a bit longer but it’s more effective and dependable.

Don’t forget to use technology. Multiple learning applications help students to avoid typical and non-typical mistakes and improve their writing. Thus, you can:

  • Verify grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
  • Check vocabulary and stylistics;
  • Avoid plagiarism;
  • Save your time (grammar checkers are extremely fast);
  • Learn some useful tips.


Consider a Professional Help

If you’re afraid that something goes wrong, it’s better and safer to ask professionals to write a law school personal statement in your stead. Of course, you must find a credible and legal writing company. Thus, you may not worry about the success of your papers. Commonly, professional custom writing companies provide the following conditions:


  • Top-quality;
  • On-time deliveries;
  • Authentic papers;
  • Total anonymity;
  • Fair prices;
  • 24/7 customers’ support;
  • Monetary compensation;
  • Free samples, etc.


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