The Ultimate Student Guide for Bristol in 2021

The Ultimate Student Guide for Bristol in 2021

Bristol has emerged as one of the leading destinations for international students in the UK. With its recent ranking of 52 for QS Best Student Cities 2022, the academic excellence is a home for top-notch universities, scenic beauty, stunning architecture, and fascinating history. Located in South West England, the city attracts millions of students worldwide to pursue education and explore its friendly neighbourhood without burning a hole in their pockets. To give you a better insight before you could venture here, we have curated this comprehensive guide for your smooth navigation in Bristol.

Cost of Living in Bristol

To provide you with a solid heads up of what your monthly expenditure would look like once you come here, we have listed below the average cost of the necessities to manage your expenses well.

Accommodation: £149

Transportation: £35-45

Food: £80

Books and stationery: £25-37

Recreational activities: £80-100

Mobile phone and internet: £45-55

Top 3 Universities to Study

The University of Bristol

An open research university, founded in 1876, provides a wide range of subjects categorized into six faculties: the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Faculty of Science.

The University of Bristol holds the reputation to be 62nd in QS World University Rankings and serves as the largest employer in Bristol. Hence, making it the right choice for both undergraduate and postgraduate students worldwide to study here with various affordable options for accommodation near the University of Bristol.

The University of the West of England

A public research university that received its status in 1992 offers a diverse range of 600+ programs and other short-term professional courses in arts, science, health, business, and technology. With exemplary performance and outstanding programs catering to undergraduate and master-level students, UWE Bristol was granted gold by the Teaching Excellence Framework in 2018 and scored an overall student satisfaction rate of 88% by the National Student Survey 2020.


The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, established in 2001, serves as the leading education provider in creative fields and has its presence across various UK cities, including Bristol. The institute enrols over 7000 students every year for multiple degrees and diplomas in vocals, guitar, bass, drums, songwriting, music production, music journalism, music business, and event management. Overall, it’s one of the best institutes in Europe to make a career in music or related art.

Student Accommodation near Bristol

Residence Halls

The residence halls are university-managed accommodations located in the vicinity or on the campus for easy commutation. First-year students generally prefer them to understand the university culture and build good relationships with their peers. The rooms are separate with shared spaces like the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, etc.

PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation)

PBSA or private student halls are similar to the resident halls but managed by private companies. These private student accommodations near Bristol have all amenities and exclusive facilities like a gym, TV, laundry, study room, etc. Due to which they are expensive but excellent for expanding your network to students of different universities.

Private Rentals

Private rentals serve as the most popular choice when it comes to student housing in Bristol. Universities cannot accommodate all students in their residence halls, so private rentals come in the picture as one of the options to consider, consisting of a house or a flat rented by the landlords or letting agents. You can choose to either live with a group of people or alone depending on how you feel most comfortable. The only downside is you have to keep track of all your bills and payments, which do not include in your monthly rent.


Staying with a local family can help in immersing the culture of a foreign city and simultaneously providing the comfort of the home. Moreover, it can make you better acquainted with the traditions, customs, norms, and language of the natives. From laundry to meals to other necessities, you don’t have to worry as your rent will include them all, making it a perfect stay option for international students, especially those who do not like living alone.

City Highlights

Museums & Galleries

The exquisite museums, stunning art galleries, and thriving exhibitions of Bristol transport you to the world of Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs, eerie sculptures, revamped steamships, and more. It’d serve as a tremendous cultural boost to channel your inner nerd and history buff.

Our top picks: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Red Lodge Museum, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, The Georgian House Museum

Tourists Spots

From walking around the ecstatic Banksy street arts to magnificent Georgian architecture to the oldest working theatres to fascinating local attractions, the city has some major tourist spots to enliven all your senses and keep your fancy intact throughout.

Our top picks: Nelson Street, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Floating Harbour, The Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Cathedral

The Outdoors

The environment-friendly city was the first in the UK to be awarded as European Green capital in 2015. With over 400 parks and gardens, the students can have a wonderful time strolling and relishing the breathtaking sights before them.

Our top picks: Brandon Hill Park, The Downs, Ashton Court Estate

Nightlife Scene

Bristol is known for its massive nightlife hosting various affordable bars, pubs, and clubs for students. Drinks are priced decently, and many pubs are within walking distance, making it a great place to hang out with your friends after a hectic day at your college or simply celebrating a great night out.


Our top picks: The White Bear, Queenshilling, The Woods, Thekla

Places to Eat

From Michelin-starred restaurants to mouth-watering street food markets, Bristol has always been the top pick for all the foodies out there; no wonder why it serves as the major inspiration for food bloggers everywhere. There are many affordable eatery options for students available in a diverse range, making it ideal for celebrations or random hangouts.

Our top picks: St Nick’s Market, Harbourside Market, Hart’s Bakery, Swoon

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