Top 5 resume writing tips to land a job in 2024

A resume is a record that can assist you in finding a job or employment. It’s your first introduction to the prospective employer. Understanding that the document you’re producing has the potential to improve or damage your job application can be daunting.

As a result, developing an intelligent strategy for writing your resume is critical before submitting a job application. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the top 2022 resume trends.

Include a summary.

Many resume templates include a section for an objective paragraph describing professional aspirations; however, this is a highly outdated practice. Write an adequately prepared summary instead.

The summary is usually the first thing a hiring manager will see, allowing you to present your capabilities prominently on the screen. Employers are searching for what you can contribute to the team and what you’ve accomplished in a simple manner.

You can take the help of any of your roommates in your student housing in London or New York to understand how the overall section sounds after reading.

Job-specific tailoring

Submitting a boilerplate resume would only hurt your chances of being selected. Make absolutely sure your resume is tailored specifically to the position and business you’re submitting the resume to. To appropriately tailor your Resume, you must extensively examine the required qualifications. Ensure that you include only material that is related to the position in consideration.

Make an attempt to employ phrases that accurately express and identify your experience, abilities, and accomplishments. Irrespective of the style, keeping your resume concise, simple, easy to understand, and straight to the point is essential. There is no requirement to add information that isn’t relevant to the position you are applying for.

This can assist you in going beyond the obstacle of being shortlisted when employers evaluate the merit of your resume.

Include percentage and statistics.

Including data and statistics might help you highlight your abilities. And it is one of the top resume suggestions for securing work. Instead of “responsible for raising revenue through sales,” consider writing “increased revenue by 35% during 6 months.”

Recruiters love statistics because they can assist them in accurately determining your abilities. Start making your accomplishments quantifiable, including whether you were able to enhance revenue, productivity, customer engagement, or reduce spending.

Account for applicant tracking systems.

You’re not only putting together a resume for recruitment agencies and management. You’re creating for robots as well, especially applicant tracking systems. An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS for brief, is specialised software that is designed to ease the recruiting process. It sorts through resumes and cover letters based on predefined criteria – prior to them being ever examined by a real human.

Nonetheless, it is impossible to know for certain what these parameters are. By attentively examining the job description, you might obtain a basic understanding of what they involve. After that, tailor your resume to those specifications by integrating essential keywords and terms from the job posting.

Have Other People Look at Your Resume

The one and the only way to know if your desired meaning is coming through in your resume is to have another individual take a look at it! You can share it with your friends, amber student accommodation roommates or even professors.

Consider the top three qualities about yourself that you want the recruiter to remember after reviewing your resume. And check whether this holds up for anybody who’s having a look at your resume. If not, make additional changes to see if it changes the overall perception. Don’t be scared to request input from several sources. More criticism is better from friends and family than from one from an interviewer.


Writing a resume to assist you in successfully navigating a professional role you have been preparing for isn’t very challenging.

The secret to upgrading your resume and propelling yourself isn’t much of a mystery. To be at the top of the screening shortlist is to demonstrate to a prospective employer how your array of talents and abundance of expertise provide relevance to the position.

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