What to study after 12th, Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities is a versatile group of disciplines that teaches multicultural activities like human culture, visual art and democratic values. If you’re someone who has opted for Arts and Humanities in your higher secondary education, it’s time of the year to make your crucial decision.

A perfect course will help you decide what career suits you well. There are many available career choices, but apparently, not everyone knows what is best for them. Though arts and humanities have a vast range of occupational choices, the myth of great financial stability being limited to other streams has changed.

Here’s a small listicle that might help you clear your mind and give you some idea on the same:


History is a fun subject to study. Studying the past excites and brings a lot of knowledge to the table; current affairs are the outcome of what happened in the past, everything is derived from what has already happened, and the fun part is that there is a division of what history you want to study, be it Asian history, Indian history or anything of your choice. Like history, you can specialise in your subject depending on your preference.

Fine Arts

Fine arts are for those who enjoy the creative world. People who are good at imagining and can put their thoughts onto a piece of paper can always go for BFA; there are different majors in BFA like creative writing, film, art education, dance, music, theatre etc. career option is very personalised when you’re studying fine arts it is a form of individual task which requires patients. Since we live in a digital era what so ever industry it is, there is always a need for writers and artists.


If you are very observant and like to study people, psychology might be the one for you. It is a scientific study of the human mind and its function; psychology is required in many professional platforms like big organisations and institutions. Currently, how mental health is very popular and considering the presence of psychologists has become a principal core factor of society. Education qualification goes step by step, starting from bachelor to master and following the doctorate. It is optional, but it will polish and content the knowledge required.


Someone with excellent knowledge of a particular language and culture, someone who likes learning different languages, should definitely go for this. Learning multiple languages gives you access to becoming a language instructor, foreign translator, teacher and many more. A career made out of your skills is exciting; it allows you to live freely, and work doesn’t feel like a burden. A translator job allows you to travel and experience a foreign culture closely.

Public Relations

Public relations formally connects, communicates, and disseminates the organisation’s necessary information to the public. It is the primary factor of every organisation, as it presents the best possible image of the company and looks for opportunities that help the organisation to get more positive publicity. Someone with great communication and problem-solving skills is perfect for public relations; becoming a public relation specialist will bring the best out of you. All the brainstorming and critical thinking manage to improve you, and years of experience will take you a long way. Australia is among the top 10 countries to study public relations, PR courses in Australia are affordable and will spike your proficiency to another level.


You often encounter laws and policies in Arts and humanities. Studying law is a great career option since it consists of various layers of combined academic studies full of knowledge. There is financial stability in this industry other than that; it gives the power to strong reasoning, critical thinking and great analytical skills. Again, lawyers come in different forms; business, corporate, and personal lawyers, and lawyers work for the government sector.

Government Service

Obtaining higher education in any degree and preparing for competitive exams to serve as a government employee is a great option. We all know government jobs are stable and secure and provide a work-life balance. It is challenging to crack the top civil service jobs, but those are not the only positions available, root for your desired position and do your best!


Archaeology is a mix of history and geography; it’s about human history and prehistory, all about the artifacts, biofacts, architecture, sites and landscapes. If you grew up watching Discovery and National Geography, this is a fun career option for you. You gain transferable skills and expose the secrets of human history. To become an archaeologist, you must get your bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. If you upgrade your skills and knowledge to a certain extent, complete a master’s and follow a doctorate.

If you’re considering studying abroad after your 12th, it is an excellent idea since studying abroad at a young age will give you great exposure; since humanities is a very culturally oriented stream, it requires an international exhibition of your skills. The ethical knowledge you get from a multinational perspective is satisfying.

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Author’s Bio – Bobby Sinha is a storyteller; she enjoys watching Japanese indie movies and knows various ways of using a chopstick. A graduate in business, working as a writer, and someday aspiring to be a filmmaker proves how versatile she is.

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