11th November 2017 Current Affairs in English

11th November 2017 Current Affairs in English

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1. The Council Slashes GST Taxes on 178 Items

Major Highlights:

  • The change in the taxation scheme has been reduced over the items of daily needs and consumption.
  • The Goods and Service Tax (GST) has been reduced from 28% to 18% on eatables such as chocolates, detergents, marbles and cosmetics (while the luxury goods are out of it).
  • The slab of GST moves down to 5% in restaurants.
2. India & China Looks Forward To Improving Its Ties Over In ASEAN Summit.

Major Highlights:

  • It not fixed yet by the PM Narendra Modi is expected to meet Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in the summit.
  • The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) will be held in Manila.
  • The Prime Minister will be on a 3-day trip where he is also expected to meet the US president Donald Trump.
3. India And Canada To Discuss The Bilateral Trade

Major Highlights:

  • An FTA, Canada-India Free Trade Management proposal has been presented to support the comprehensive economic partnership agreement.
  • The main interest of India is to ease the movement of the skilled workers to move Canada for short terms work.
  • The agenda is to remove the high tariff rates.
4. UNESCO Appoints Its Second Women Head

Major Highlights:

  • Audrey Azoulay is selected from the nominations of the director general of the UNESCO.
  • She is the former culture minister of France.
5. NADA won’t be allowed to test Indian Cricketers

Major Highlights:

  • As per the NADA’s petition it had ordered BCCI to test the Indian cricketers.
  • The BCCI has written a letter to WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) with good enough arguments for not allowing NADA.

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