6 Handy Tips to Help You Thrive in Your First Year of University!

Starting university is one of the crucial steps in one’s life, where you tend to experience a varied range of emotions: happy, confused, nervous, excited, and whatnot! After all, you finally transition into adulthood and experience life with a fresh perspective.

We understand you must be feeling nervous while starting this brand new chapter, as, with aspirations, you must have some doubts and fears too. There must be a million questions running inside your mind about how you can make the most of your university life.

It is often said that your first year of university sets the foundation for all your university years. The skills, knowledge, and professional experience you attain will help you throughout your career. That is why it is essential to make the right choices and decisions at the beginning of this journey.

So check out these seven handy tips to help you thrive in your first year of university!

Explore Your University Campus

Ideally, you should attend all your orientations as they help you get familiar with your university campus. Besides, you will have a chance to meet new people and befriend them. It is always good to get acquainted with your university campus as quickly as possible to initiate a smooth start. So make an effort to go around and locate your library, cafeteria, computer labs, theatre, and exhibition spaces, among others.

Stay Organised

During schooltime, your teachers would remind you of all the important dates, such as your tests, assignment deadlines, cultural events, etc. But once you start university, you have to be your own person. You need to keep track of all your important dates as nobody will be there to remind you. And in case you miss any deadline, it will impact your academic life.

So it is advisable to stay organised. Buy a calendar, or download an app that will help remind you of important dates like assignment deadlines, social events, group meetings, etc. And also, make it a habit of sending your assignments always on time. Developing good discipline and diligence early in your life is beneficial throughout it.

Socialise with Your Full Capacity

We comprehend it is easier said than done, but remember, everyone will be as awkward and nervous as you will be on the very first day at the university. They all will be looking for someone to break the ice with, so don’t feel shy about initiating a conversation with a stranger! You never know that you might end up making good friends.

Besides, you should make an effort to befriend your roommate at your student housing, be it student accommodation in Bournemouth or a student studio flat in Birmingham. You are literally going to spend your maximum time with them, so it is helpful for you to remain on friendly terms with them. They will be your safety net for all your university years or at least the first year.

Even if you are not fond of your roommate, you should consider not locking horns with them; instead, try to be cordial. After all, nobody likes to get engaged with someone in a cold war with whom they share a space 24/7.

Keep track of Your Finances

Being a university student implies you have access to limited cash, so it is always preferable to use your money wisely. Learn to distinguish your necessities from your desires, and focus more on the former!

We understand every so often, you might feel like treating yourself by going to a movie, eating out at a fancy restaurant, going out with friends for drinks at a local bar, and more. It is alright to do that, but you should not overindulge in them and make it a regular habit as it will only make you broke before you can even pay your monthly bills.

To keep track of your finances, you must make a realistic budget every month. There is no need to get too hard on yourself; instead, try sticking to the budget as much as possible. With time, you will learn to spend money according to your budget while still spending on your favourite things without racking up a debt!

Stay Busy and Active!

Get busy with your uni life as much as you can. Join student clubs or/and organisations at your university, participate in volunteering work, attend workshops, find a part-time job, attend career fairs and networking events, join a hobby class like dancing near your London Student accommodation, and more!

The more you actively participate in them, the more you will grow personally and professionally. Besides, you will have plenty of things to list in your resume that will help you impress recruiters to bag your dream job!

Let Your Focus Remain on Your Academics

While this sounds obvious, most students tend to deviate from their main objective of performing well in their academics. While it is essential to have an active social life, at the same time, don’t compromise on your studies. Make a healthy balance of your academic and social life as both are equally necessary for your overall development.


Well, your university life will be nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. But in the end, everything will be worth it! In the process of working hard for it, don’t forget to relax and rejuvenate!

So while sitting inside of your Loughborough student accommodation, binge-watch your favourite Netflix series at your, go out for an evening stroll, or even start practising Yoga and meditation. Remember what we said that it is always about maintaining a good and healthy balance between your personal and academic life for holistic development.

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Writer: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. She got the opportunity to work in diverse industries and with people from all walks of life. Her rich experience motivated her to learn new things daily and educate others with the same through her writings!

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