Tips to Have A Wholesome College Experience While Studying Abroad

Tips to Have A Wholesome College Experience While Studying Abroad

You go to college once or twice in your whole lifetime. The experience you get in college is an experience you will never get anywhere else. So how can you make the most these college years, especially when you plan to study abroad? You need to understand the Study-Life balance; you need to be aware that besides studying, there are so many areas of life that you need to grow in while being in college and precisely to tell you what you should keep in mind besides academics, to have a whole rounded college life!

Explore the city

You are in a new country, a new city! So don’t just go to college and come back home. The world is your oyster, and you need to go out and conquer it! Learn about the heritage of the city. Research, make a list of places you want to visit. The unique places to visit in any city are its monuments. Plan field trips for yourself, travel with your friends or just go solo. Go see local markets, check out the local cuisine, explore new restaurants. Get to know about the local people, their kind of life, and their pastimes in the city. Sometimes you can explore new parts of the city by even checking out new places to stay. For example, you could go look at the rooms to rent in Bristol one day and other areas in the time to come, just in case you want to move or need backup houses. This will help you become comfortable in your new surroundings and give you a sense of confidence and belonging that will automatically make you enjoy your stay in the new city.

Make New friends

Not only are you in a new city, but you are also around new people. You will be around people with a variety of different backgrounds, ethnicity and cultures. You need to be open and communicative, be humble and try to put yourself out there to talk to your peers and find your tribe that matches your vibe! Friends are what you will depend on for not just entertainment but also to know that someone’s got your back in a completely new place. You never know one of these friends could be someone you end up sharing your student flat in London!. So make sure that you find your friends!

Experience the Mini- Work Life

Many colleges abroad offer you time to take up part-time work that can help you earn pocket money. You will get to explore many different job roles, from waitressing to working in a bookstore or standing behind the counter as a cashier; you can even live your dream of working in a restaurant! Don’t restrict yourself; earn that money, make yourself independent and in the process, have fun get to know more people. Be a go-getter, a hustler and get that job you want; trust me, it will be worth it.


Now, this is very important. You need to build a social and professional network. Network means people from the industry that you want to get into. You need to do PR and make your connections. For instance, you can start right from college, get to know your seniors, keep in touch with them, talk and discuss with your professors beyond class time about your ambition, what you want to do, take their advice. Go for orientations/workshops outside of college. Seize every chance you get to talk to new people from your field and even similar and complementary areas!


Every city has several places around it that you travel to for short weekend trips. These could be to see unique areas, places known for something famous, sites with mesmerizing nature. It could be anything; all you need to do is figure out what you want to see and where you want to go. So get that laptop fired up and start researching, make a list of places, and go travel when you get the chance. Plan with your friends, plan solo trips.If you are going for a longer duration, don’t worry about your stay, almost all places are covered by the internet and you can easily find accommodations everywhere, right from student rooms in Manchester to student rooms for rent in Edinburgh right on Amber! When you travel to new places, it inspires you, rejuvenates you and helps you expand your soul. This will help you perform better in academics and enrich your personality!

College experiences are what make you grow, help shape your personality, and this experience will never come back, so cherish it, make the most of it, study to your best BUT along with that, enjoy your best too!

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Author: Riya Rohatgi is a graduate of Communication and Media. Her areas of work includes filmmaking, designing and marketing. She is a motorcycle racer and an adventurous person who loves exploring new things in life.

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