25th November 2017 Current Affairs in English

25th November 2017 Current Affairs in English

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1. SBI launches its integrated digital platform YONO

Major Highlights:

  • YONO “You Only Need One” is India’s first integrated platform for the lifestyle and banking services.
  • For enhanced user experience the lifestyle needs platform will include 14 categories such as booking, renting, travel, healthcare, dining, entertainment, etc.
2. Bamboo No More a Tree, Declares President

Major Highlights:

  • The President Ram Nath Kovind has recently made an announcement according to which the bamboo is no more a tree.
  • The amendment has been done under Indian Forest Ordinance 2017. Before this the bamboo according to 1927 forest act the bamboo was declared tree making it illegal to cut it.
  • The decision has been taken as the plantation of Bamboo grows out easily and hence making enough plantations for transportation.
3. DANX-17 Exercise in Andaman And Nicobar Ends

Major Highlights:

  • The exercise was done to practice and validate the procedure of drills and command forces to teach strategic defending.
  • The drill was conducted from 20th to 24th
4. India’s ratings unchanged: S&P

Major Highlights:

  • The Standard and Poor’s kept India’s rating with the stable outlook.
  • The reason cited for an unchanged rating is the low per capita income and the sizable deficit.
5. IMD Rankings: India moves up to 3 steps

Major Highlights:

  • India has managed to move up to 51 (3 steps ahead) after it has managed to attract develop and retain the talent in the leading business school IMD.
  • The Switzerland has managed to be on the top of the rankings.
6. Government to Set Up A New Panel To Draft New Tax Law

Major Highlights:

  • The urge of the changes has been developed as after 50 years of old income tax need to be sync with the economic needs of the country.
  • The Modi felt the need to change the laws as the last time Income Tax Act was drafted was in 1961.
  • The committee to set up will include Arbind Modi, CBDT Member (Legislation), Mansi Kedia (Consultant, ICRIER), Girish Ahuja (chartered accountant) and Rajiv Memani (Chairman and Regional Managing Partner of EY).

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