27th April 2018 Current Affairs GK in English

27th April 2018 Current Affairs GK in English

27th April 2018 Current Affairs GK in English | Today’s Current GK News

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1. 27th April, Mahadevi Verma won Jnanpith Award in 1982

Major Highlights:

  • Born in 1907 in Farukabad, she is among the famous poets of Chhayavaad in Hindi Literature.
  • Mahadevi verma is widely renowned as ‘Modern Meera’ has been winner of Jnanpith award in 1982 on the day.
  • The Jnanpith Award is an Indian literary award presented annually by the Bharatiya Jnanpith to an author for their outstanding contribution towards literature which was started in 1965.
  • She was also honored with Padma Bhushan in 1956, Sahitya Akademi Fellowship in 1979, and Padma Vibhushan in 1988.
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2. India’s ranking in press freedom falls to 138

Major Highlights:

  • According to an annual report of World Press Freedom Index, India’s ranking has fallen to 138 from the count of total 180 countries.
  • From the previous year, this time India has dropped down by two positions. The main reasons cited behind the occurrences are hate speech and physical violence.
  • Norway topped the list of having the world’s freest press. This has happened for the second time in a row.
3. Govt get in agreement with World Bank on biotech

Major Highlights:

  • The government of India has done a legal agreement with the World Bank for growth and development of biopharmaceuticals.
  • The mission costs 250 million dollars where 50% amount will be funded by the World Bank for 5 years.
  • The project aims to make India a hub for design and development of novel, affordable and effective biopharmaceutical products.
  • The agreement was done between Department of Biotechnology, Department of Economic Affairs Ministry of Finance and on behalf of World Bank by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
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4. Kim Jong Un makes history, crosses border to meet

Major Highlights:

  • For the first time in history of after war, the Korean North Korean leader has crossed the border to meet his rival.
  • The world’s most heavily armed border i.e. between the Korean countries was crossed by the leaders to hold talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons.
  • From the South Korea, Mr Moon received Mr Kim making summit a reunification of the Korean peninsula” in a “historic”.
  • It is for the first time that leader has crossed southern side of the Demilitarised Zone since the Korean War ended in 1953.
5. AITA give nominations of Yuki, Bopanna and Arjun Award

Major Highlights:

  • The AITA, i.e. All India Tennis Associations has given the nomination of Yuki Bhambri from the singles player.
  • Yuki Bhambri had received the nomination after being placed at the position of 83 in ATP.
  • Bopanna who is doubles, expert has also received the acclamation after winning French Open mixed doubles title.

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