19th December 2017 Current Affairs in English

19th December 2017 Current Affairs in English, Today GK Questions

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1. BJP celebrates its victory in Gujarat and Himachal Assembly elections

Major Highlights:

  • It is the 6th straight victory of the BJP party in the Gujarat by winning 99 seats out of 182 total seats.
  • While in the Himachal the party won by 44 seats from total 68.
2. India involved in Inter Governmental Agreement (IGA) with France

Major Highlights:

  • In the Inter-Governmental agreement with the France for 36 rafales came to India for the Indian Air Force.
  • The agreement was signed between the countries in 2016 for €87 billion for the aircraft, spares and weapons.
3. Welfare policy implemented for the Transgender in Andhra Pradesh

Major Highlights:

  • According to the policy the government will now provide pension, ration card, housing sites and also built toilets for them at the public places.
  • The policy was approved by the Andhra Pradesh cabinet for helping the social upliftment of the transgender in the state.
  • The consideration on the policy was given by the chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu in September after which now the policy has been sanctioned.
  • It is also aimed to provide bank loans to the community for starting small business.
4. Anil Ambani gets the seat on Atlantic Council Advisory Board

Major Highlights:

  • He has been inducted into the International Advisory Board of Global Think Tank for the Atlantic Council.
  • He has been appointed due to him being known as the best business leaders and the board looks forward for the corporate and political leaders.
  • Some other prominent leaders in the group are News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch, former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, Airbus CEO Thomas Enders and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as the major leaders.
5. RBI sets the new reference rate of Rupee

Major Highlights:

  • On Monday the Reserve Bank of India fixed the reference rate of rupee at 64.1065 against the US dollar and 75.4277 for the euro.
  • Now the SDR rupee figure will be based on this set rate.

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