15th December 2017 Current Affairs in English

15th December 2017 Current Affairs in English, Today GK Questions

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1. Fast track trials to begin from March 1

Major Highlights:

  • The Supreme Court has finally approved the scheme of setting up 12 fast track courts across the country to be operational from 1st
  • The court will be hearing the cases specifically of the MPs and the MLAs.
  • There will be 2 special courts and rest 10 will be set up in states namely Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.
2. Mehuli gets 8 gold medals at the National Shooting Championship

Major Highlights:

  • The Bengal shooter Mehuli Ghosh has won 8 gold medals in the 61st National Shooting Championship Competitions (NSCC).
  • Out of the 8 medals Mehuli won 4 medals in the team event.
  • Among others Elavenil Valarivan, 18 shocked many winning the gold title in 10m air rifle gold on Thursday.
3. NASA has discovered planet system like ours

Major Highlights:

  • Other than the solar system we are living in, this recently searched planet system is the largest known so far.
  • It has 8 planets and orbits one star called Kepler 90 but none of the planets have been detected suitable for life till now.
  • The search has been done by the NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope and Artificial Intelligence.
4. World Squash Championship, Saurav Ghosal’s impressive run ends

Major Highlights:

  • In the World Squash Championship being held at Manchester, Saurav managed to secure second after beating Karim Abdel of Egypt.
  • His companions Harinder Pal Sandhu and Mahesh Mangoankar lost in the first round.
5. India and Morocco signs pacts to boost the health sector

Major Highlights:

  • The MoU has been signed by the India’s Health Minister JP Nadda and the Abdelkader Amara, the ministry of health (Kingdom of Morcco).
  • The initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • The main areas of focus for the cooperation are the non –communicable diseases such as the cardiovascular diseases, cancer, drug regulation, pharmaceutical quality control, communicable diseases and maternal, child and neonatal health.

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