16th May 2018 Current Affairs Gk in English

16th May 2018 Current Affairs GK in English | Daily Current GK Quiz

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1. WHO launches ‘REPLACE’ to eliminate trans fat in foods

Major Highlights:

  • The World Health Organization has launched a plan to eliminate trans fats from industrially produced artificial food supply by 2023.
  • According to the global body, over 5,00,000 deaths occur worldwide from cardiovascular diseases caused due to intake of trans fat.
  • For the purpose, ‘REPLACE’ action has been taken which will be implementation of six strategic actions.
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2. President inaugurates 4th Global Exhibition on Services

Major Highlights:

  • The President, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the 4th Global Exhibition on Services.
  • In the event he also launched a portal on 12 Champion Sectors in Services to boost economy and create jobs.
  • The Global Exhibition on Services is being held in Mumbai where more than 100 countries will be participating.
3. India 3rd largest solar market in world

Major Highlights:

  • Recently in reports released by the Mercom Communications, India emerged as the third largest solar market in the world in 2017.
  • Other top countries in the list were China and US.
  • According to report, on total 1.6 GW cumulative solar rooftop installations in India by 2017.
4. Shashank Manhoar to serve for second term as ICC Chairman as well

Major Highlights:

  • The Shashank Manohar, former BCCI President will serve a second two-year term as the independent chairman of the International Cricket Council.
  • Earlier, Mr Manohar became the first independent ICC Chairman in 2016.
  • The selection comes after voting by the directors, however being the sole nominee the process was considered complete and Mr. Manohar regained his position.
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5. India beats Tajikistan to win U-16 four-nation football tournament

Major Highlights:

  • In the event of U-16 four-nation football tournament being held in Serbia, Indian team emerged as the champion.
  • Rarlier the team had defeated Serbia team, where the lead was doubled after defeating Tajikistan.

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