29th May 2018 Current Affairs GK in English

29th May 2018 Current Affairs GK in English

29th May 2018 Current Affairs GK in English | Read Today’s Current News

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1. Railways launches revamped reservation website

Major Highlights:

  • The Indian railways has recently launched revamped reservation website with a new feature which will predict probability of waitlisted tickets getting confirmed.
  • The IRCTC portal has become operational now with easier log-in, navigation and booking of tickets.
2. Kamaljit Bawa first Indian to receive Linnean Medal

Major Highlights:

  • Indian botanist Kamaljit S. Bawa has recently received prestigious Linnean Medal in Botany from the Linnean Society of London.
  • Bawa is president of Bengaluru-based non-profit Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE).
  • Ever since the award first constituted in 1888, Dr. Bawa is the first Indian to win the award.
3. Google honors chemist Sorenson, creator of pH scale

Major highlights:

  • The Danish chemist SPL Sorensen is the creator of pH scale in 1909.
  • The pH is a logarithmic scale used to specify the acidity or alkalinity of any liquid solution.
  • The scale ranges from 1 to 14. A measurement of 7 is neutral. Anything lower than 7 is considered acidic; anything higher than 7 is considered alkaline.
4. Pakistan appoints former chief justice Nasir Ul Mulk as interim PM

Major Highlights:

  • Untill the general elections the Pakistan has appointed former chief Justice Nasir Ul Mulk as interim PM.
  • The general elections in the country will be organized in the month of July.
  • The announcement was made by opposition leader Khursheed Shah.
5. Virat Kohli emerged as International Cricketer of Year at CEAT Cricket Ratings

Major Highlights:

  • The Indian cricket team expert has emerged the International Cricketer of the Year at the CEAT Cricket Ratings awards.
  • From the Indian team, opener Shikhar Dhawan was presented the International Batsman of the Year Award.
  • Woman cricketer Harmanpreet Kaur won the Outstanding Innings of the Year Award.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed on former India wicket-keeper Farokh Engineer.

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